The school own two 12 seater vans.  Both vans do two separate runs each morning and afternoon.  All children are expected to behave on the van and are not to distract the van driver.  Students who are travelling in the vans are bound by the Code of Conduct.  A copy of this is included in the enrolment pack. As each run in the van is nearly always full, it is important to contact the school if your child is not required to go on the van or if you would like he/she to go on another run. We will try to accommodate your needs but may not be able to due to the full runs. 

Van #1 is driven by Mrs. Maree Enevoldsen and van #2 is driven by Mrs. Raylene Read. Whilst we try and accommodate those we can we are bound by our transport entitlement zone and these students must come first. Even if you are offered a space on our van this is not a guarantee that the space will always be available.